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Sat Dec 2 18:17:29 CST 2006


(Scuzz got a reply from the seller saying that
he'd be willing to give a refund after Scuzz
had returned the item)

Andrew B
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Scuzz wrote:


Back to square one on the Acorn...Just had 
the Acorn arrive and the #*$! head used the 
original box to ship it to me... Read my email 
to him:

The Acorn arrived today. I feel you should 
send me my money back. I purchased from you 
a computer in a box... IN A BOX. It was the 
box I purchased along with the computer. I 
was also buying the box. I wanted the BOX. 
You have destroyed the most important item 
of the purchase. If you were not prepared to 
ship the box as advertised then you should 
not have offered the BOX for sale. As a 
collector the BOX is the most important part. 
You left it exposed to be damaged, stuck 
labels all over it, and destroyed it with 
selotape. I wasn`t interested in a busted 
computer I wanted the box. In over 1800 
purchases on Ebay I have never actually had 
the item being sold destroyed by the seller 
before. Do you understand what you did. It 
was like selling a rare stamp then sticking it 
to the envelope. I am so angry you cannot 
believe. Your Auction reads..` in its original 
box complete with mouse ` Why do you think 
people buy old computers... Goodness me. I`m 
very very unhappy. Breaks my heart.

[ end post ]

And so another valuable retro item is destroyed.
The search goes on...  ar hum.


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