Help needed in identifying an early IC

Jack Rubin jack.rubin at
Thu Dec 7 10:59:48 CST 2006

Thanks Dave, that info is consistent with the fragmentary identification I found. Oh well, looks like I won't be building a shift-register memory device with these!


Dave McGuire <mcguire at> wrote: On Dec 6, 2006, at 10:35 PM, Jack Rubin wrote:
> I've come across a few old ICs and haven't been able to find out much
> about them - lots of places on the 'net are willing to sell them but I
> couldn't find a data sheet - only one clue that they _might_ be dual
> op-amps. They are small cans (TO-??) with eight leads protruding from
> the bottom, marked SG 1458T with a 1976 date code. Any help  
> identifying
> them would be appreciated. Kind of hoping they're really some sort of
> shift register ...

   1458 is the "base" number for a frequently second-sourced dual op- 
amp.  It is basically a dual 741.  That package is most like a TO-99.


Dave McGuire
Cape Coral, FL

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