Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Dec 7 11:58:21 CST 2006

Out of interest, what do I need in the way of TCP/IP software / configuration 
and FTP client software so that I can connect to a remote FTP server from MSDOS?

I don't think I've ever set up such a config from scratch. I can live with 
10Mbps speeds if required (would DOS drivers even drive a card at anything 
more anyway?)

NIC cards I seem to have available:

   Netgear FA310TX (PCI)
   HP 88809L (ISA)
   3Com Etherlink III (PCI)
   3Com Etherlink III (ISA)
   Asix NV100AM (PCI)
   'Network Everywhere' NC100 (PCI)
   3Com 3C905 (PCI)

The ISA boards perhaps have the drawback that they're software configurable, 
so I have no idea what settings they'll want to use (or which interface), or 
how well they'll behave in the new-ish system I need to put a card in. The PCI 
boards on the other hand are newer so maybe DOS drivers don't even exist for 

(Etherlink III's were always reliable I seem to recall, but I never did like 
the idea of them being software configurable; it was much nicer to have 
jumpers on a card and *know* what it was configured as!)



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