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Sat Dec 9 09:11:25 CST 2006

>From: "Bob Bradlee" <caveguy at>
>Stiction is mostly caused by a breakdown in the lubricant.
>Over simplified, oil turns to varnish or tar.

I have several friends that worked at Seagate when they had
problems of stiction. It was not a lubricant problem. It was
caused by the surfaces being too smooth. When to really
smooth surfaces sit together for a long time, the air is squeezed
out. Once the surfaces really touch, there is a thing called
molecular adhesion.
Anyone that has worked with guage blocks is familair with
Seagate fixed the problem by roughing the surfaces enough
so that they didn't quite sqeeze out enough air to adhere.
The surfaces are lubed but not with petrolium greases
so they don't break down to tars. As I recall, they used some
type of synthetic oil and only in tiny amounts. It was just
to keep the surfaces apart while it spun up. After that,
the head was flying and no longer made contact.

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