Tektronix 4010

djg at pdp8.net djg at pdp8.net
Sun Dec 10 20:56:23 CST 2006

>I'm looking for the schematics from the maintenance manual for the
>Tektronix 4010. There are the chapters 1 to 6 on pdp8.net but the
>important chapter 7 is missing.
Yet another project not completed.  I have stuck the raw scans of
that section in with the rest at ftp://ftp.pdp8.net/misc/4010/  I will try 
to clean them up next weekend. I think I found all the files from that
section but if not email me and I will find them.

Before I forgot about it I was debating on the best way to deal with the
foldout pages in that section.  The big foldout pages in this manual 
frequently had two separate drawings.  Would people prefer that they be on
one big pages like the real manual or on two separate pages so viewing
and printing will be easier for people who can't print on the foldout size

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