TMS340x0 (was: Any early DSP fans?)

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> On 12/10/06, Richard <legalize at> wrote:
> > Talking of DSPs reminded me of the graphics chips family that TI
> > created in the mid 80s, the TMS34010 was the first part.
> Not really a graphics chip per se, but a general-purpose DSP, though
> AFAIK it was primarily laid out for telecom purposes.  I may be biased
> though, that's where I've seen it used :-)

Are you sure you're not confusing the 34010 with the 32010?  The 320x0
series was their DSP line.  The 340x0 series (I think there was a
34020 at some point) was definately for graphics.  It had all kinds of
special instructions for interpreting memory as chunks of pixels and
had a special video scanout circuitry that you could feed directly to
a DAC for a video signal.  The chip had all sorts of registers to
control the scanout timing.  I have docs on them somewhere, IIRC.

> Only marginally. By the time I did actually some code in telecom
> industry (Hello to all ex-Newbridge Ottawa people!) I was working with
> the C050 - and even that one was strining under the workload of just a
> few channel at 8kHz sampling rate for applications such as G.729
> coding or echo cancellation.  The C010 in comparison was VERY limited.

OK, you're definately talking about the 320x0 series here and not the
340x0 series!
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