Followup: Hazeltine "Computer"

Kevin Handy kth at
Mon Dec 11 09:57:31 CST 2006

Chuck Guzis wrote:

>Bottom line is that I have nothing to contribute to the "Hazeltime 
>Computer" legend--and, with the discovery of the ADDS terminal code, 
>don't even know why the customer insisted on calling it a Hazeltine 
>(but he did--I found the letter in my files.
It may be that the customer used, at one time, a computer
with a Hazeltime terminal. Not being a "real" computer
literate person, that is what he called the computer.

I have people at several sites using a VAX/VMS system, and
they all seem to want to call it "kermit". I've given up
correcting them.

>So--shrug!  My guess is that the "computer, given the date" may have 
>been housed in the same box as the floppy drives.--and that a 
>Hazeltine terminal was connected to it.
>But I didn't think that a Hazeltine had cotnrol sequences anything 
>like an ADDS Viewpoint.

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