Cleaning disk packs

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Mon Dec 11 15:49:18 CST 2006

Richard wrote:

>In article <457CB284.4070406 at>,
>    Guy Sotomayor <ggs at>  writes:
>>[...]  Cleaning a pack takes about 20 
>>minutes (including disassembly and reassembly) so don't expect these to 
>>be done quickly.
Disassembling any pack I saw most usually resulted in a destroyed 
drive.  The packs
even at $1000 ea were way cheaper than the drives, so if any cleaning 
required something
approaching disassembly of the stack, you tossed it (and let some 
classiccmp collector
like me hoard it for 20+ years then sell it on ebay as "unknown NOS" or 
such :-)

anyway, I bought a pack inspector which has a number of spindles, which 
can release
the cover, and allow the pack to be moved manually with precision, and 
it also has
two mirror units which will allow you to view the surface w/o any 

There is no motor, only manual moving of the pack, but they did have a 
catch which
allows you to have a reference when you pass the same place in the 
rotation, other than
that it free spins.  There is also a light source, and another 
attachment that allows you to
mount a micrometer with a feeler to check for out of round, or bent 

when I had a pack cleaned, they used this sort of unit in a clean room 
to clean and
certify the pack (in the early 80's time frame).


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