SDS/XDS Programming Consoles [was: PDP-11/70 Panel brought back to life]

Eric Flanzbaum elf at
Tue Dec 12 23:36:38 CST 2006

 > I own XDS (SDS) Sigma 9 Panel and brought it back to life.
 > It was quite an undertaking, as the panel consists of about
 > 100 lamps -- and hand wiring all of them took quite a bit of
 > labor.

 > It now blinks -- in some sort of random "computing" fashion
 > -- but is essentially a useless piece of eye-candy when it
 > comes to being a useful computer (after all, I don't have
 > anything else except the programming console). But I must
 > admit, it is a pretty sight watching all those blinkenlights
 > flicker on and off :-)

 > I also own an SDS 940 programming console -- but I've chosen
 > to leave that untouched (a dead soul, if you will).

 > -Eric

 > P.S. -- I'd post a video of it in action, but I don't own
 > a video camera (I'll have to borrow one). I did take a bunch
 > of snapshots in succession and piece them together -- kind of
 > a kludge -- but you get an idea of what it looks like after
 > watching it. Not nearly as nice if it were a smooth video though.
 > If anyone is interested, and I can get around to it, I'll post
 > a picture or two, and the "piecemeal" video on a website in
 > the (maybe near) future.

I put up a few snapshots of my XDS Sigma 9 Console in action, and a 
snapshot of my XDS "dead" SDS 940 Console. I chose not to put up the 
kludged "snapshot video" of the XDS Sigma 9 Console just because it 
really doesn't do justice to what it looks like when it comes to life.

Anyway, if interested, see:


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