classiccmp list (sort of) help requested

C. Sullivan feedle at
Wed Dec 13 16:03:30 CST 2006

Jay West wrote:
> Before you say "just kill all emails with graphic attachments"... keep 
> in mind that these spamassassin machines do their job for thousands of 
> domains that I host, not just So just killing all 
> emails with graphic attachments is simply not an option. If anyone can 
> give me a few ideas that will work well for ISP/hosting-class 
> environments, I'd love to hear it. Off-list please! Thanks in advance 
> for any advice. 


It is my casual observation that the lists are hosted at 
Dreamhost.  I don't know exactly what the relationship between you and 
Dreamhost is (that is, whether you are simply a customer like I am or 
have friends that work there.. or work there yourself), but it might be 
possible for you to talk to somebody there and get some special rules 
inserted for just the classiccmp lists.  It is my understanding that 
some ability to write custom procmail rules before it hits the mailman 
server is possible.  Whether or not Dreamhost can/will do it is probably 
the subject of some debate.. generally, I've found them to be quite 
cooperative in setting up "weird stuff" if it makes sense and is not too 
overly hard.

I've been having the same problem on my personal listserv.  I just trash 
any mail containing graphics.  As you pointed out, however, that would 
have interesting results on a public mail host.


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