classiccmp list (sort of) help requested

Adrian Graham witchy at
Wed Dec 13 18:12:37 CST 2006

On 13/12/06 23:33, "Jay West" <jwest at> wrote:

> You wrote....
>> Thanks for the server, Jay :) If I had a datacentre I'd do the same thing;
>> in fact if you could tell me that classiccmp is hosted on an HP DL360 (or
>> something similar) I could probably pony up some spares.....
> Custom built 1U rackmount server actually (classiccmp, not the spamassassin
> server).
> I am not ready to tackle this within the next 30 or 60 days, but before too
> long it is going to be time to upgrade the disc drives on the classiccmp
> server. First, the hardware raid controller has reported a few bumps here

Time to do some digging. Prompt me off-list please Jay. I don't want to
stamp on your toes WRT custom built stuff unless you're happy for me to do

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