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Wed Dec 13 18:30:52 CST 2006

> I wrote a spam filter to deal with it - HAMster - but every few days the spam 

That's kind of what I've been doing with procmail. Lately I have said screw
it and, in addition to DNSBLs, added sendmail rules to drop connections
from hosts with no reverse PTR or a forged reverse PTR, as well as greet_pause
and some other tricks.

I think Bayesian filtering is going to go the way of all other filtration
because, as someone else already pointed out, spammers are including extracts
of "normal" though unrelated text to defeat such analyses. I think the future
will unfortunately be IP and network-based blocklists, and while the cure can
be worse than the disease (increased possibility of false positives), the
spamming community has proven that while they lack in ethics, they do not
lack in innovation. The only cure for that is out-and-out ostracism of the
networks that tolerate such behaviour.

I have also gotten quite frustrated with various list echoes (not this one)
that expose real E-mail addresses to the web. Since they have said they
won't fix it, I'll name the worst offender I've dealt with, and that's the
NetBSD lists. For that reason I have kept my postings to it to a minimum.
Their mail admin basically said, "well, we thought it over briefly but we
really don't care," and while I am a regular NetBSD user, that kind of
attitude probably explains why the project is second-fiddle to the other
BSDs, let alone Linux.

Anyway, rant off, sorry.

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