HP HP-2117F on ebay

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Fri Dec 15 10:17:25 CST 2006

Christian wrote...
> Not sure. The Base Set microcode can be either on the CPU board or on the 
> FEM.
It is quite possible that the base set is on the cpu board and the rest is 
on the fab, making it "complete". But it is also possible that some of the 
required F firmware was on a FEM in slot 10. Or it could have been user or 
vendor microcode on a FEM in slot 10. Or some I/O card even, as I've seen 
systems with no FEM where they used a 3 connector shielded ribbon cable even 
though they only had a FAB, just cause it's the only cable they had 
apparently. Of course, it is also possible that there is no base set at all 
and someone wrote a custom base set for process control. That's the beauty 
of the box, everything was changeable including the base set. All I was 
saying is that since there is nothing in slot 10, and there IS a dangling 
ribbon cable there, it is likely (although not certain) that some firmware 
is missing. I think we can agree that is a reasonable postulation. Whether 
the FEM being missing means it is not an F is debatable apparently, but I 
was under the impression the base set could be on the cpu board and all the 
rest on the FAB. No FEM required.

> No, the FEM was standard on both E and F series ([1], section 2-1).
Apparently HP documentation is at odds then. See the HP 1000 M/E/F series 
computers technical reference handbook, part number 5955-0282, appendix A, 
pages A-3 and A-4. It's quite clear there that the FAB was optional on the E 
and standard on the F (and ostensibly standard because it was necessary to 
house the larger microcode set).

> BTW the FAB has the lowest priority in the firmware chain, lower than the 
> firmware on the CPU board.
Isn't that priority in the sense of pecking order for entry points, not in 
the sense of any type of execution priority?

> Maybe, but maybe it's empty and the ROMs were on the FEM.
That is certainly possible, hence my comment.

> I only know what I know, that my machines have their ROMs on the FEM.
Ditto for me... that my machines have their roms on the FAB.

> But anyway, a fully loaded 1000F is a *very* nice machine to play with. 
> It's a nice number cruncher.
I've noticed my E's beat the pants off my 2100A/S machines - the specs say 
approximately twice as fast. But I still love the front panel appeal of the 
2100 over the 21MX any day :) It's easier to enter programs with and it 
certainly has more blinkylights :)


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