Basic/Four Corporation Model 7250 terminal

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> > Does anyone have experience with this company's stuff?
> > 
> > I just got an odd terminal recently.  "Collectible Microcomputers"
> > doesn't have an entry for Basic/Four Corporation, but I did find a
> > little information out and about on the net saying that they made a
> > CP/M system with a business basic.
> Indeed they did - I have the MAI Basic/Four S10 system on my web
> page of you are interested in seeing one. Look under
> "Non-S100 - CP/M" (send group I believe).

Yep, that's the puppy I saw on the net.  However, this terminal looks
older than that.  It has a funky keyboard with weird keys labelled I,
II, III, IV!  I am not sure yet, but I think they are the function
keys that later in time would have been named F1, F2, etc.  That
machine depicted on your web site also appears to have a more standard
keyboard configuration than the terminal that I have.  I'll have to
grab a snapshot of its keyboard and post a picture for people to see,
but that will have to wait until the machine gets its initial
inspection completed (open up, check for dates, examine technology,
look for wiggy caps, etc.).
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