Basic/Four Corporation Model 7250 terminal

Al Kossow aek at
Sat Dec 16 15:51:18 CST 2006

 > Westerb Dynex drives were the inspiration for the top loading 5 and 10
 > mb 2314 type patter and head drives.

Top-loading single platter drives are descendants of the IBM 5440 series 
used on the System 3, which were copied by most of the players in the 
day (Pertec, Wanco, Western Dynex, Diablo, etc.). DEC used the case 
design for the RL01/2 but added an embedded servo track.

2314s are 20 surface top loading 'washing machine' drives. End of the 
line for the head technology started on the 1311 (10 surface).

Had the chance last week to talk to one of the guys at Memorex who did 
their early 2314 clones in the late 60's (sold to DEC as the RP01 and RP02).

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