First construction of an Altair Kit has begun

Grant Stockly grant at
Sun Dec 17 01:55:54 CST 2006

I've been in contact on a fairly regular basis with the owners of the new 
kits.  Howard is waiting for Christmas, Mark (US) is working on his, John 
is sick at the moment, and Mark (Netherlands) is still waiting for the mail 
to come in.

I have uploaded the pictures he has sent me.  They aren't too much 
different than what I have on my web site, but they are from a kit 
builder.  :)  I thought this might be interesting.  Other than myself, I 
doubt there has been too many Altairs constructed in the past 30 years.  :)

Mark mailed me a few pictures of his vintage computer collection, including 
his Mark-8 kit provided by Steve Gabaly of Obtronix.

Right now I am working on the silk screen and solder mask layer for the 
88-PMC (2k 1702A PROM Board), ACR (Cassette Tape Board), 2SIO (Serial 
Terminal Board), 88-4MCS (4k Static Ram board).  With these items its 
possible to have a completely vintage basic development environment.

I am beginning to work on other vintage computer equipment too!  Expect 
some interesting new things to come your way.  :)


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