What to do with a VAX KA655 board that is prone to CDAL parity error?

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Sat Dec 16 09:37:57 CST 2006

9000 VAX wrote:
> It looks clean and great, but it reports CDAL parity error (machine check
> 10) randomly if the panel head is installed in place, when it is processing
> bulk of data. If the panal head is hanging there loosely, the chance of
> getting a CDAL parity error is much much rarer.
> What could cause this problem? A defective cache memory chip? supportive 
> chip? capacitors?
> Or is it better for me to unsolder the CPU and sell it to collectors?
> Any idea?

That's a bit odd.  What is this "panel head" of which you speak?  The 
thing with the sockets on?

I'd wonder if there was some crazy earthing shenanigans going on.


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