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> >> [...]  Perhaps a death penalty for excessive and annoying
> >> spam?
> > 
> > An infamous Russian spammer was bludgeoned to death with a baseball
> > bat in July.  It appears to have been a robbery gone bad instead of
> > retaliation for spamming.
> Yeah.  Yeah, I'd make it look like a robbery, too.

Well, you can google and read about it yourself.  It wasn't made to
look like a robbery, it was simply classified as a murder at first.
When they found the suspects, *they* claimed it was a robbery gone
bad.  Of course, all this information comes from the highly ethical
and incorruptible Moscow police, so take it for what its worth.

Still, the whole incident has got to be putting spammers on edge, even
if only just a little.

I know if I ever met anyone at a party who admitted to being a spammer
I would kidney punch them right on the spot with no guilt whatsoever.
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