HP3000 model 70 in Australia

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> You wrote....
> > That was me, but I've been informed by my fellow users from the period
> > that it was actually a 2000!  Sheesh, I feel stupid :-).
> Tell me a bit about the system you used, and perhaps I can help.
> [...]

What I remember is that it logged you into a timesharing BASIC
environment.  I remember that the standard library had a set of
programs that would teach you BASIC, called TUT01 through TUT25.  They
were tutorials in the BASIC language.  I imagine that this was a
standard software library that shipped with all the HP minis of the
time.  I don't recall anything really about the operating environment
beyond that.  I only used the HP for a few months before moving over
to the 11/70 and using BASIC-PLUS, but the HP is where I taught myself
to program with those TUTxx programs.
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