Advice for tape drive repair / maintenance

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Dec 18 17:21:23 CST 2006

> The drive itself: the rubber roller driving the aforementioned plastic
> roller had melted. Clearly visible is the area where the rubber meets

Not really melted. The material decays (I am not sure what chemically 
cuases this). It's a well-knwon problem for old compyter enthusiasts -- 
HP magnetic card reader rollers are well-known to suffer from this

Baiscailly you have to replace the roller. Replacements that have been 
successfully used (depending on the machine, etc) include silcone rubber 
O-rings (possibly with a grobe machined in the original hub, or a new hub 
made), heatshrink sleeving, silicoe rubber tubing (fuel line for 
glow-plug engines, for example), etc.

I've wondered if the 2-pack elastomer materials sold by e.g. Devcon would 
work. Make up a mould and cast a new roller. A lot of work, but if it 
does the job well it'd be worth it in some cases.


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