I8008 / Scelbal - Mark 8

Billy Pettit Billy.Pettit at wdc.com
Tue Dec 19 17:52:06 CST 2006

Jos Dreesen / Marian Capel wrote:

It is an emulation of a 8008 machine I might build, (Time 


This reminds of something I wanted to post to the list.  I found my original
Mark 8 PCBs.  I've been preparing them to sell on Ebay, or someplace.  These
are from the original run made for the magazine article.  They are still in
the plastic bags, in the original box, have all the purchase order and
shipping papers.  Hard to get much more provenance on an item this old.

Before I sell them, I scanned them into the computer.  I don't think they
can be posted - copyright problems?  So those interested in the scans, let
me know.  If someone wants to take a chance and post them, let me know too.

In the same box,  I found most of the documentation, parts and PCB for the
EBKA Familiarizer.  I've been scanning that in, including the monitor
listing, schematics and assembly manual.  I didn't know I had it but the
package includes some product mailers, a catalog of options, some
advertising flyers and so on.  I'm haven't scanned them in yet.  I've
written a small article on the EBKA and what I can remember of the designer.
Been trying to contact him - lost touch with him 25 years ago.

There are two other pieces I need to find before putting the EBKA on the
market - the 1702 programmer and the master I/O PCB.  I know the box number
they are in and will try to reach them over the Christmas holiday. 

Now if I can just find my PAIA 8700.  I bought it from the writer of the RE
magazine article, so it is the one in the photographs.  These three items
will, I hope, generate some interest.  And bids.


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