Build your own Apollo Guidance Computer

Billy Pettit Billy.Pettit at
Tue Dec 19 20:49:00 CST 2006

Brent Hilpert wrote: 

I have a web page (<>)
where I'm accumulating the diversity of symbols that have been used for
logic gates. If you have a scan or reference for the Cray/6600 symbols I'd
interested in adding them.


I'll be glad to if I can find one over Christmas.  I'm flying to the Bay
area on Saturday, so I'll look next week.  I know I have the plastic drawing
guides for the 1604, 3000 and 6000 logic symbols.  And I think I have some
scans of the legends of several schematics I'll send you.

But my all time favorite was the logic drawings of the Bendix G-15.  They
were drawn by an artist.  Every page is clean, neat and easy to read.  Lots
of comments.  I still think they are the prettiest schematics ever produced
in the industry.  Even if it was a valve (vacuum tube) machine.

The ugliest, hands down winner, are the IBM early machine drawing schematics
or logic manuals for the System 360.  They were done by a badly timed line
printer with an exceptonally bad ribbon.


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