Searching for some PDP-11/23-PLUS items

SP spedraja at
Wed Dec 20 01:37:02 CST 2006

Hi. I could finally get some time to put in working state my

Once I could check the correct startup of the system, I should like to obtain
these items that detail below: 

* Original rack for this system, with its 874 power controller, backpanels
and rack inner metal rails. 
* Cable kit for one RLV12 (RL02 controller board), at least for two RL's
* TSV05 (Pertec) cable kit. I have the tape unit and the board but no cables
* -YA terminator for one BA11-S expansion box. I have the main BA11-S plus
another one to extend the system, plus both connection boards (plus cables)
for the boxes, but the PDP-11/23-PLUS manuals speak about another terminator
board. I only remember now the final part number letters (-YA).

Other items are welcome, but I suppose it would be more difficult their transport.
I am mostly interested in one or a couple of working RL02.

If someone can get rid of some of this, or even sell it for a reasonable
price, contact me off list. I live in Europe, by the way. 

All indications and suggestions about these matters are welcome too.


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