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Ed Groenenberg quapla at xs4all.nl
Wed Dec 20 14:47:39 CST 2006

> In article <22461. at webmail.xs4all.nl>,
>     "Ed Groenenberg" <quapla at xs4all.nl>  writes:
>> It's a PDP-11/23+ with a graphics option, a monitor, joystick,
>> an interface box for the keyboard, an Ampex diskdrive which uses
>> packs and has a fixed disk inside and a Printronix lineprinter
>> with 4 spare ribbons ((these are big, abouth an inch or so wide)
> I'd really like to hear more details about the graphics option if you
> get a chance.

Well. it's VS11-FX/HX/JX graphics system (according to the Inst. manual).
Is there any specific info you want/need?


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