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Wed Dec 20 18:10:53 CST 2006

--- "r.stricklin" <bear at typewritten.org> wrote:

> There are two separate things, the Truevision TARGA
> family of frame  
> grab and true-color display boards (progenitor of
> the .TGA format),  
> and the later family of display-list based graphics
> accelerators  
> known collectively as TIGA, which featured the TI
> 340x0 processor,  
> were made by many different vendors, and were
> frequently 8514/A  
> compatible. The two have virtually nothing in common
> apart from they  
> both describe ISA-bus hardware capable of displaying
> raster images to  
> a color display.

 Hey wonderful. That's exactly what I wanted to know

> Other helpful information:

 So appreciated :)
> The Electronic Photography and Imaging Center was
> spun off of AT&T in  
> 1987 and became Truevision; the original TARGA
> hardware were  
> apparently AT&T branded.
> .TGA supports up to 32-bpp data (24 bits of color, 8
> bits of alpha).
> Apropos of nothing in particular, I love how people
> on this list  
> spout off half-cocked about stuff they think they
> might vaguely  
> remember a little bit, maybe, and rarely bother to
> do even a tiny bit  
> of fact checking first.

 Maybe there's other lists where you're likely to find
your sensibilities less offended. But then again
you'll probably run into lots of unchecked posts like
this one. There's so much to check these days. It just
makes sense to just ask sometimes ;). It seems at
least you're in grudging agreement - you did take time
to answer. And thanks again.

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