ancient mac disk warrior ?

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Dec 20 18:20:25 CST 2006


   I dunno how hard they are to find, but the post-2.0.x versions of FWB 
Hard Disk Toolkit support IDE.  I have a Power Computing install CD 
around here that has a bundled version 2.5, but it boots MacOS v8.  Will 
the PB 150 boot that?


Tom Uban wrote:
> I have a mac powerbook 150 circa 1994 which was an odd beast for apple
> at the time as it used an IDE drive to help reduce the cost. I have
> been using this machine to run MIDI recording software until recently
> when the hard drive has had some sort of failure, either software or
> hardware, I'm not sure which yet. The result is that when the machine
> attempts to boot, it does not recognize the formatting on the disk. I
> would like to try to recover the data (if possible) before re-formatting
> the drive, and I've heard that a program call disk warrior might be
> the solution. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on this?
> --tnx
> --tom

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