ancient mac disk warrior ?

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Thu Dec 21 00:17:57 CST 2006

> >   I dunno how hard they are to find, but the post-2.0.x versions of FWB
> > Hard Disk Toolkit support IDE.  I have a Power Computing install CD
> > around here that has a bundled version 2.5, but it boots MacOS v8.  Will
> > the PB 150 boot that?

> I'm not certain if it would boot v8 or not. I'm guessing that it was
> running v6 or v7.

The 150 is a '030 PowerBook, so it will not boot OS 8 natively (it needs
a hack like Born Again). It doesn't run System 6, so it must be running
some form of System 7 (it came with 7.1 IIRC).

Amazingly, Disk Warrior *should* work on this unit -- it does have 68K code
and it does support IDE. Officially, it requires an '020 or better running
7.1 or higher and the 150 should support all that. On my DiskWarrior 3.0.3
CD there is a complimentary copy of DiskWarrior 2.1.1 for Classic.

It's 1.3MB, though, so you're going to need to find an external drive to
boot from. This isn't going to fit on a Disk Tools floppy with the OS.

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