TTL Calculator Project & CDC 5601 processor core?

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Thu Dec 21 15:40:22 CST 2006

I was one of those who received a copy of the article from you and was negligent in responding, I'm sorry. It was greatly appreciated and I do plan on building one sometime. Also, I believe you were interested in dumping the core from the CDC 5601 processors I picked up a few month ago. If so, contact me and we can arrange something.


Billy Pettit <Billy.Pettit at> wrote: Several months back, we talked about a calculator built from TTL.  It came
from a 1970's article in Practical Electronics, an English Magazine.

I had 7 requests for copies, which I mailed directly to the requestors.
Apparently they disappeared into a black hole, because I didn't receive a
single acknowledgement, let alone a thank you.

So for those still interested, Al Kossow scanned my copy and posted it on


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