Friden Flexowriter

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Dec 21 15:51:14 CST 2006

> Tony,
> I was a repairman for the Friden/Singer Company for twenty years or more=
> .  I was also a programmer for a computer using the Flexowriter for an i=
> nput/output device as part of that experience.
> Let me ask you a few questions, assuming you still have the machine.  Do=

Yes, I do have it.

>  you want to sell it?  If so, how much?

But at the moment I have no intention of selling it.

> I am interested in purchasing a Flexowriter.  Yours must have been made =
> for a specific purpose as there were no model numbers such as those show=
> n in your ad in the United States.  Does your machine have input and out=

I don't ever rememebr mentioning model numbers, if I did I certainly 
can't rememebr them

> put cable hubs on the right hand side?  If so, are the dummy plugs in th=

There is one I/O connector on the back of the machine, a round multi-pin 
thing. There's currently a jumper plug in it which links various pins 
together, I assume to link the reader and punch to the rest of the machine.

> ese I/O hubs?  Plugs which are installed when the cables are removed.  I=
> s the machine gray or tan?  Do you still have ribbon spools?

It's grey. And yesm I do have the ribbon spools with the ratchet teeth 
round them


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