Advice for tape drive repair / maintenance

Tony Duell ard at
Thu Dec 21 15:54:37 CST 2006

> Alexandre Souza wrote:
> >> packs in after a few years. I'll admit that they may well go out and
> >> buy a new one two-four years down the road, but if they keep it, it
> >> has to keep on working. (I'll admit that this generally does not seem
> >> to apply to mobile phones - no idea why not).
> > 
> >    The matter with cell phones is that there is always innovation. A TV 
> > set is a TV set, there are no news on that. Same to a stereo, what else 
> > would you want into a stereo? 
> See, I'm somewhat atypical there... I want a phone that's good at making phone 

You are not alone there. I use a cellphone for making voice calls only. 
OK, I may have sent the odd SMS message, but I don't _need_ that 
facility. I certainly don't need a colour display, or internet access, or 
a camera (all that I have seen make an instamatic's pictures look good!), 
and so on.

> calls. I don't want it to do a million other things, most of which I won't 
> need *ever*, let alone occasionally. I'd rather that all the time and money 
> that had gone into developing that phone had been spent on making it as easy 

The phrase 'Jakc of all trades and master of none' springs to mind.


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