Advice for tape drive repair / maintenance

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Dec 21 15:56:40 CST 2006

William Donzelli wrote:
>> I've got a good camera; why would I need a bad one on a phone?
> Because they are handy. Really handy. When going thru a junkyard,
> warehouse, swapfest, or whatever, they make an excellent extension to
> ones visual memory. Don't expect high art - expect a visual notepad.

But my camera fits in my jacket pocket just as well as a phone does - for any 
of those situations I'd have it with me [1] so that I could take good-quality 
photos of things to aid memory. For any situation where I can reasonably 
expect to want to take photos, I'll have a camera with me anyway - I just 
don't need an inferior-quality version on another gadget.

[1] I deliberately bought a metal-bodied camera which felt solidy built, 
expecting it might suffer a few knocks once in a while (yes, it has been to 
the odd junkyard :)  Most of the plastic creations out there look like they'd 
fall apart if you so much as sneezed near them...



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