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Rumor has it that Michael B. Brutman may have mentioned these words:
>Chuck Guzis wrote:

>I don't understand again.  I can write C code that is ugly too.  C++ is C 
>with some extra syntactic sugar.

When I refer to C++ bloat, this is actually what I talk about - not the 
'bloat' of the final code, that depends on the programmer, not the 
language.[1] To me, it's hard enough to keep everything straight (and 
readable) in C... and if C++ was *just basic classes* I could prolly wrap 
my head around that enough to be comfortable. However, the polymorphism[2] 
and operator overloading makes it (IMHO, of course) harder to discern what 
others are doing with the code...

Now, I know just enough C to be dangerous, and hadn't touched C++ until a 
few weeks ago, as I had to learn enough to tutor 2 college students for one 
of their courses... ;-)

Altho now that I understand C++'s constructors & destructors a [very] 
little better, I might be able to wrap my brain around Python's OO stuff a 
little more easily... But at least OO isn't required there, either.

>>Just an old fogie speaking, so ignore if you wish.

I seriously doubt I'm as old chronologically as you, but as they say: 
You're only as old as you feel... so I must be pushin' about 80. ;-)

So I guess I'm an "old fogie Jr." ;-)

Prost, and Frueliche Weinachten!
Roger "Merch" Merchberger

[1] well, except PHP, but that's another thread; one that's best left alone...

[2] Now, if you get a "Wand of Polymorph" in Rogue, those are handy 
rascals, indeed. ;-)

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