Terminals ( was Re: HP 2000F' )

jim stephens jwstephens at msm.umr.edu
Fri Dec 22 18:17:14 CST 2006

Jay West wrote:
> Richard wrote...
>> What's an ACT terminal?
> There was a terminal manufacturer located in Saint Louis, MO
> ACT IV, 
> When I picked up a bunch of stuff a few years back from my high 
> school, I got multiple copies of many of the MicroTerm manuals. I've 
> tried seeing if there's interest in them but no one seems to want 'em. 
> I also have a manual for the MiniBee 4.
> Jay West

I had an ACT4 which worked quite well, and it may still be in my pile?  
I don't recall what I did
with it as I got into other terminals that I had to support. 

I modified the Pick terminal drivers to run it, and it was my system 
console for a long time
as well.  I recall paying about $400 for it or so, and was glad to get 
it in a time of $1200 ADM3's
and multi thousand dollar "real" terminals.  Adds terminals when 
available were not that much, but
were rare as they were pretty standard on all systems.

Please get Al K to scan them, or send them to me, I have a scanner and 
would scan them
for him when I get started.  I hope to do a lot of scanning here in january.


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