Advice for tape drive repair / maintenance

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Fri Dec 22 19:21:00 CST 2006

Well, let's not forget a powerful marketing force--FEATURES, whether 
you use them or not.  I certainly know of folks who buy everything 
from microwave ovens to mobile phones based on the number of offered 
features, whether or not they will ever use them.

Why, for instance does my local telco charge for Caller ID?  It's 
certainly not costing them anything to implement.  Why does the same 
telco give me MSN premium with my DSL service when all I really want 
is an IP address?   Because it's a perceived feature--and they can 
charge for it.

My kitchen microwave oven is loaded with features.  I've never used 
any of them beyond the basic timed cook.  I suspect a fair percentage 
of purchasers would be happy with the "1 minute" and "Popcorn" 

In both cases, we need a new word, say "faux-tures" for "it doesn't 
cost anything to provide this functionality".

A REAL feature in the above-mentioned microwave would be a stainless 
steel or PTFE-coated interior instead of the usual miserable Chinese 
epoxy paint.  That'll cost ya.


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