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At 09:11 PM 12/21/2006 -0500, you wrote:
> > OMG, that's about exactly the same arrangement we had at my
> > high school- a buncha ASR-33's timesharing on the Globe Union
> > machine (before we bought their PDP-8).
> >
> > We discovered that you could deposit about 3 words from the
> > console, one of which might have been the WHO IOT, and lo!
> > the user's ID and password (!) would be dumped into memory in
> > RAD50 (I think??) where you could easily read them back and
> > decode to ASCII at your leisure.
> >
> > When I got to UWM, I discovered that the trick had been
> > foiled by Dick Bartlein (or was it Sam Milosevich??)
> > rewriting parts of TSS/8 to make it much more secure.
> >
>Wow, Tom, are you a Nicolet HS alumnus? From looking in my yearbooks I'm


>guessing class of '78? I was class of '76 and spent both semesters of my

Class of 78 is exactly right.

>senior year in computer independent study so I spent a lot of time on that
>8/e (ex-Globe Union that was purchased by Nicolet in the summer of '75).
>Almost finished a PAL-D decomplier before I graduated. I then also went to
>UWM and got to work on their Edusystem 50 too. I remember renting a table

The Edusystem was gone by the time I got there. I worked on the PDP/8e and 
later the VAX.

>top ASR33 and dialing into the UWM system from home.

I did something similar, but I heisted a hazeltine terminal from the lab 
(Dr. Levine said I could.)

>One of these days I need to post an introduction of myself to this list. I
>have conversed with several DECies on here so some have seen pictures of my
>project. I am working on assembling all of the pieces to duplicate the
>Nicolet HS Edusystem 50 and hope to get TSS/8 running on it someday. I want
>to do a website documenting my project but for now everyone can see it here:
>Everything in this system has been accumulated separately. It appears my
>biggest stumbling block to getting TSS/8 running is finding a working
>RF08/RS08. That's why I have the two RK05Js. I'm hoping I can somehow
>re-write TSS/8 to run off of an RK05. I've got a lot of studying and
>relearning to do before that happens. I'm still working on the
>cleaning/cosmetic restoration right now. The bay above the 8/e is waiting
>for the PC04 on my workbench. Then it will be time to reform caps, configure
>boards, start powering things up and get OS/8 running as a start.

Don't let the smoke out!

>Tom, if you have any original pictures of the Nicolet system I would love to
>see them. I have written the HS and they have been no help in finding any
>pictures of it. I visited there last year for their 50th anniversary and saw
>the 'closet' (rather small room) it used to live in down in the F wing
>library. I remember its configuration was a little different than DEC would
>have normally done. The TU56s/TC08 were in the left rack with the RF08/RS08
>in the center.

I have my DECTape from the PDP/8e at UWM. I have no idea if it's still 
readable. All I had on it were BASIC programs and one or two assembler 
programs I cobbled up.  I may have a photo from NHS somewhere.

I can't remember how the racks were arranged. That was a LONG time ago.

>I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of the UWM TSS/8 Users Guide on
>bitsavers recently.

I must have some of that stuff in my storage locker. I'll have to check.

>Jon Miles

Any relation to Mary Miles, and her younger (?) sister?

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