Weird disk drive

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Sun Dec 24 03:11:18 CST 2006


Jat West said:

> Sellam wrote....
> > Here's the weird part: there is no data cable.  There is no port or
> > connector or anything on the enclosure for a data cable.  There's not even
> > a cut-out for a data cable.
> I have seen a number of small drive inclosures that do have a "port" for a 
> ribbon cable, but it's very difficult to see at first blush. In these cases, 
> there is a section of the metal around the back that is ever so slightly 
> indented or sometimes it's just polished on the inside so that it's not so 
> sharp for a section roughly as wide as the ribbon. So the ribbon cable hangs 
> out the back and when you put the cover on the case it also acts as a stress 
> relief. Is it possible if you take the cover off that this is the issue?

I have one like that (somewhere), it was sold as a third party add-on for
a TRS-80 Mod 1, and the case painted to match.  Full-height Cumana drive, 
I think.


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