Claude Shannon's "spooky hand in a box" toy

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Dec 25 01:41:19 CST 2006

> You have three robots.  Each robot is programmed with the following
> 'simple' sequence:

>    "Dismantle the robot to my right (if it isn't already), then
>    assemble the robot to my left, switch the robot to my left on, and
>    switch myself off"

I like it.  I *like* it.

Even if "disassembled" means just taken apart into a half-dozen major
subsystems, this could be Pretty Cool.

Especially neat would be if the program included the ability to steal
parts from the disassembled robot on the right as necessary to build
the robot on the left - you could lose up to one robot's worth of parts
and it would still work.

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