Weird disk drive

Bill Sudbrink wh.sudbrink at
Mon Dec 25 08:41:51 CST 2006

Sellam Ismail wrote:
> I've got the weirdest disk drive ever.
> It's a standard 5.25" mounted inside a factory made metal enclosure.  It 
> has a fixed power cord coming out the back with a power switch.  
> Inside is 
> a simple power supply (transformer and a couple regulators and 
> capacitors) 
> that puts out +5V and +12V.  There's a power connector going into 
> the disk 
> drive power socket.
> Here's the weird part: there is no data cable.  There is no port or 
> connector or anything on the enclosure for a data cable.  There's 
> not even 
> a cut-out for a data cable.
> It's basically just a disk drive that powers up and spins if you put a 
> disk in it.  I initially thoughtt that it must be a degausser or 
> something, but there's nothing inside that would indicate any such 
> operation.
> OK, I admit it.  I'm stumped.

Sounds like it might be Ohio Scientific.  Their standard method for
routing ribbon cables, at both the drive and CPU ends, was to run
it between the halves of the metal chassis, relying on the clamping
pressure between them to provide a "sort of" strain relief.  Also,
the description of the PSU and power cable sound about right and
it is not at all uncommon for the OSI ID badges to fall off.


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