This just MADE my day

Bob Rosenbloom bobalan at
Mon Dec 25 17:52:09 CST 2006

>BTW, I confess to have caused the run-up in the price
>of those documents.  I misjudged Al's interest in
>and wanted to make sure that somebody else didn't get
>them, only to have them disappear into a black hole. 
>It turns out that Al outbid me anyhow. I've offered to
>buy the documents from Al after he's scanned them.  I
>really appreciate that Al is willing to spend his
>personal funds to build the archive, and think that it
>would be a good thing if we could spread the burden
>around somehow.

I for one, would be willing to pay for scans of manuals. If Al had a way 
to accept donations
I would be willing to help out.  Even very small donations would add up 
and help defray the cost of
purchasing new documents.


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