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dwight elvey dkelvey at
Mon Dec 25 22:18:34 CST 2006

>From: "dwight elvey" <dkelvey at>
>Hi All
>Talking to another that is using the Cat's, the disk drives
>seem to fail often.
>As I look into it, I see that the interface doesn't look like
>your normal interface. It has a 20 pin ribbon cable and
>that includes 12v and 5v lines in this same cable.
>The drive has the Canon part number MD 3301.
>A quick search on the web doesn't show anything.
>I'm not even sure of the drive size. I think it is a
>730K but not sure.

Oops  I meant 720K. I looked into it and it is a single
sided drive so I suspect it is a 720K.

>Does anyone have any information on this drive??
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