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Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 26 17:00:58 CST 2006

> If someone is trying (or needs) to make money, it
> makes absolutely zero sense to
> price items *hoping* for the right bidders to come
> along and bid the price up.

 This is assuming the seller is even shuffling a full
deck. And it actually makes perfect sense. The whole
idea behing an auction is to get the best price you
can for something. Apparently this "hobby" or whatever
it is is growing, looking at the closing bid for the
Cat, so his methods aren't entirely fruitless. Here
and there you'll find someone who's willing to bid
beyond what's reasonable (I did it once myself and O
boy did I live to regret it).
 Yeah, many of his prices are ridiculous. But he might
just figure he's got time on his side and no sense
letting go of things he probably won't be able to
replace. Besides, the cost of living in Binghamton, NY
is far less oppressive then in other places.

> My guess (now)
> is that computermkt has a pretty good handle on what
> an item *can* bring, and
> prices his stuff accordingly. 

 No, much of it is just wishful thinking. 

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