Advice for tape drive repair / maintenance

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at
Wed Dec 27 06:09:43 CST 2006

Jules Richardson wrote:

> The whole 'emissions at point of manufacture and disposal' does get 
> conveniently forgotten by the majority of people, though. I think 
> there's what, nine years of landfill left in the UK - after which 
> existing sites will be full and the law prohibits opening of any new 
> ones. Yet there's virtually nobody either trying to reuse the technology 
> that we already have or making new technology that's long-lived and 
> easily repairable.

Well yes.  And let's not forget that taken over the entire item 
lifetime, a 3.5 litre Rangerover will be around 10 times cleaner than a 
Prius.  Why?  Because it has a design life of around 20 years rather 
than 5 years, and hasn't got so much nasty plastic and batteries and the 
like to be manufactured and disposed of.


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