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Wed Dec 27 11:02:42 CST 2006

> I am more interested in some of the more oddball releases from the
> 1970s, like Roger Powell's Air Pocket, which credits an Altair system
> on the album. By early to mid 1980s, plenty of artists were using
> microcomputers for sequencing, so by then, they were a fairly
> established studio tool.

One of the Steely Dan albums (Gaucho, I think) credits a Tandy Model 100
IIRC. If you're interested, I'll try to dig up the liner notes.

> > There were demos and hacks for the 1541 drive playing music by
> > knocking its heads - that might not be too hard to find.  I think
> > something for the Amiga and its drives existed as well.
> Very interested in those as well, as I figure doing the same with 14
> inch drives is unrealistic.

I have an .lnx format "Drivecomposer" that will allow you to write
arbitrary music on a 1541, and I have the 1541 Daisy-Daisy demo somewhere
if you don't have this already.

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