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> The power supply is a very simple transformer/regulator linear supply.
> It is described in section 4.3.18 on page 4-21 of the ADM3A Maintenance
> Manual, which is page 37 of my PDF.

Great, I'll look at that when I get around to refurbishing this guy.

> Are you sure the terminal is completely power-dead, and not just
> "not working" - Measure the power rails of the logic ICs and also
> look for the filiment glow from the CRT - these indicate the 5v and
> 12v supplies (respectively) are working.

I'm not sure of anything yet other than an inspection of components
didn't reveal any obvious failures and a power-on test didn't result
in a cursor or other indicators of proper functioning.  I didn't hear
anything indicating the CRT was being properly driven.

> Assuming it is power supply: [good diag info snipped]

Thanks for the tips, I'll probably come back to the list with more
questions when the refurbishing task for this guy bubbles to the top
of my pile of roundtuits :-).
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