an ADM-3A cam in tod...ay

Jay West jwest at
Wed Dec 27 22:19:19 CST 2006

Richard wrote....
> Some sites talk about removing the face plate and cleaning it and
> reattaching it, but I've only seen sites talk about this as a
> possibility, not any stories from anyone who's actually done it.  I
> think replacing the CRT would be preferable.

No, it's actually been done, and well documented on the net. I don't have 
the URL handy, but the guy who did it is on the list here.

Replacing the CRT would be preferable, but only in the case of dealing with 
somewhat standard gear. Every piece of gear I have that has the dreaded 
screen mold, replacing the crt is not likely as the crt is somewhat 
oddball/nonstandard. Not something you can just order up. I will be giving 
the faceplate removal thing a try when I get to that DG terminal for sure.


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