SPAM::cctalk Digest, Vol 40, Issue 58

Mark Tapley mtapley at
Thu Dec 28 13:21:50 CST 2006

At 5:09 -0600 12/24/06, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
>A new mainframe. :)
>Happy holidays to all!

Uh oh.

notes, down at the bottom, that my 68k NeXT cube [1] is just about, 
finally, after many years of trying, to crunch enough OGR-25 units to 
surpass the total done by S/390's (under Linux).

Sure hope Pat keeps that beauty (for which, let me add my 
congratulations!) on its original OS....


Happy New Year to all!

[1] I *think* I have the only 68k NeXT contributing to that project...
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