an ADM-3A cam in tod...ay

Jay West jwest at
Thu Dec 28 22:22:34 CST 2006

Alexander wrote...
>    I'm yet to see some "oddball" tube into a monitor. I use to replace 
> them here in Brazil with old mono VGA tubes.

You've probably not seen an oddball tube in a pc monitor, but....

The tube used in the HP 264x series is uncommon size & curvature, as is the 
tube in my DG 5821NT terminal.

Now, unless you have a source that can sell new tubes of custom size for 
less than $50 each, I think I'll take the time to go the Steve Loboyko route 

Come to think of it, very few of the crt tubes in my collection are easily 
replaceable with "off the shelf" parts. But then, maybe I'm just not 
familiar with the places that sell all different sizes & curvatures for 
reasonable prices. Maybe my tubes ARE stock sizes. But I don't seem to be 
able to find them :D

Jay West 

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