an ADM-3A cam in tod...ay

Scott Quinn compoobah at
Thu Dec 28 22:56:05 CST 2006

>> Mac portrait displays are presumably similarly difficult to get 
>> replacement
>> CRTs for, at least without realigning the yoke (I gather that most 
>> CRTs don't
>> like a change in orientation, although I used to run a Sun colour 
>> display on
> Do colour portrait displays exist? The reason I ask is that I wonder if
> they use specially designed CRTs. IIRC, the whole point of the 'in line
> gun' (PIL) CRT was that the 3 electron gus were in a horizontal line, 
> so
> that only the vertical component of the earth's magnetic field had much
> effect on the convergence, and that was relatively constant in a given
> area. So if the CRT was set up properly you could move the unit around
> without having to do a reconvergence (this was a problem with delta-gun
> CRTs which had to be set up in the positionan nnd orientation where 
> they
> were going to be used, but if that was done they give an excellent 
> picture).
> -tony

For a time anyway Radius produced the Color Pivot portrait/landscape 

When I was at school I saw a LCD that had an adjustment for (what would 
that be? skew?) and for a while thought that someone had brought the 
concept back. No dice, though.

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