SCSI CD cabinets

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>Tom Peters wrote:
>>Oh my, what am I going to do with these MDI SCSI CD boxes? I have 3 or 4 
>>of them, each one containing seven CD-ROM drives, a power supply, and 
>>some kind of logical unit controller, so all 7 drives appear a LUNs under 
>>one SCSI address.
>Replace the CD drives with DVD ones and run your own 'net-based movie theatre?
>Or: stack them all up and write a program to eject and load the trays 
>according to a timer - the effect would probably be rather captivating as 
>some sort of "drive tray sine wave" traveled up the stack...
>OK, so I can't think of any *good* ideas. ;)

But they were amusing. Well, sort of amusing.

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