SCSI CD cabinets

Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sun Dec 31 14:10:56 CST 2006

On 31 Dec 2006 at 11:41, Fred Cisin wrote:

> But, what about a 67.5TPI 3.5" (Epson PX-8), 3", 3.25", floptical,
> LS120, ZIP, ORB, removable cartridge hard drives, etc.? And an AMLYN
> drive! (full height, with 5 disk cartridge) Well, the less commonly
> used ones could be in a second and third housing behind the one for
> active use. Or, the various drives smaller than 5.25" could be mounted
> on hard-drive removable sleds, and substituted as needed. 

You forgot the Drivetech drives.  :)

You know, I've never had anyone ask about converting one of the Brier 
flopticals (I've got the drive) or the Drivetech floppies, much less 
an Amlyn or Exatron stringly floppy.  I can only conjecture that the 
media didn't last very long.  

I've got a carton of the IBM Diskette Adapter/A boxes, so there's no 
shortage--and they stack neatly.  A power supply for each drive, too. 
Wonder if there's a T switch for a DC-37 that will switch between 8 
drives?  I suppose I could adapt a Centronics-type T-switch if I had 


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